Lodge Banquet postponed, to February 26.
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Brotherhood of Cheerful Service
We offer two ways to maintain your annual membership with the Lodge:

1) Red Fox Card - $100 (includes Dues, Lodge Banquet, Spring Ordeal, Spring Fellowship, Summer SUPER Fellowship, Fall Fellowship, the Fox's Tale Newsletter, and an extra patch at each Fellowship)

2) Dues - $12 (includes the Fox's Tale Newsletter, and all other national fees)
Fellowship and Fun is around every corner! Our lodge offers a wide variety of events throughout the year. We host 3 Fellowships (Spring, Summer, and Fall), 2 Ordeals (Spring and Summer), Day of Service Project, and our Annual Recognition Banquet.

Our goal at Fellowships is to compete and have good-spirited fun among the Chapters. Our goal at Ordeals is to provide the much needed TLC to Camp Barstow before and after the summer camp season. The Day of Service is our way of giving back to the community at large, and the Lodge Banquet brings us all together to reflect and honor those that gone above and beyond during the year.
Service is at the very foundation of everything we do. Our main purpose as an organization is to provide for others. We work hard to help our council from staffing events, promoting summer camp, and financial contributions to the back breaking work of keeping the facilities up to date.

We are proud to serve the Indian Waters Council and the greater community in the midlands of South Carolina!
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Camp Barstow

As home to the Lodge, we strive daily to help maintain, promote, and staff this magnificent place located on the shores of Lake Murray.
Lodge Chief
Tommy Kepley

Tommy is an Eagle Scout in Troop 37 in Columbia, and a Vigil Honor Member of the Lodge. He has served as both the Ceremonies Chair and Lodge Secretary over the past two years, and is also the Section Shows Coordinator for Dixie 2020. In his spare time Tommy enjoys painting and working in the outdoors on the weekends.

"Scouting is just one of those things that I've always enjoyed. It's kept me out of a whole lot of trouble and why I continue to support the program."

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