Muscogee Lodge 116

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A. The name of this lodge of the Order of the Arrow, WWW, will be Muscogee Lodge #221.

B. The lodge will be affiliated with the Indian Waters Council, Boy Scouts of America, and will be under the supervision of the Boy Scout Committee and the administrative authority of the Scout Executive.

C. The totem of the lodge will be the Red Fox.

D. The lodge will be divided into chapters corresponding to the districts of the council.

E. If a chapter consisting of two or more districts of the council wishes to divide into separate chapters, it may petition the lodge for realignment. The realignment will be granted only after each of the following requirements is met:

1) A written letter of intent must be submitted to the Lodge Chief, signed by the Chapter Chief and at least ten brothers for each proposed chapter;

2)A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the brothers of each proposed chapter must vote in the affirmative at a special chapter meeting held at the First Lodge Fellowship subsequent to the letter of intent;

3) Key Three approval is required prior to action at a Lodge Business Meeting;

4)Final approval will be given by a majority vote at a Lodge Business Meeting. Any new chapter granted by such action will commence organization no sooner than the nearest Summer Fellowship to the vote. At that time, each new Chapter will elect its officers in accordance with Rule III-B.

F. The creation of any lodge memorabilia issue must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at a lodge Business Meeting. An “issue” will be defined as any patch, flap, chenille, bullion, or similarly manufactured item, excluding lodge event patches.


A. The requirements for membership and elections, and the procedures for all inductions and ceremonies will be in accordance with the latest edition of the Order of the Arrow Handbook and any corresponding ceremonial pamphlet.

B. To be an active brother in Muscogee Lodge, a brother will be registered with the Boy Scouts of America in the Indian Waters Council and will have paid his current lodge dues.

C. All policies of the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow will be adhered to at all times.

D. Completion of the Brotherhood Membership will be in accordance with the current printing of the Order of the Arrow handbook, under the supervision of the Brotherhood Committee.

E. Attainment of the Vigil Honor will be in accordance with the current printing of the Order of the Arrow Handbook, under the supervision of the Vigil Honor Committee.

F. The Lodge Secretary will accept transfers only with the approval of the Lodge Chief and the Lodge Adviser.


A. The officers of the Lodge will be: Lodge Chief, Vice Chief, Vice-Chief of Program, Vice-Chief of Communications, Vice-Chief of Indian Affairs, Vice-Chief of Inductions, Lodge Secretary, Lodge Treasurer, and the Chapter Chiefs.

B. All Lodge Officers will be elected at the Business Meeting on Saturday of the Fall Fellowship and immediately installed to office. The term of office will be one year, until the next Fall Fellowship.

C. Eligibility for candidates for the offices of the Lodge will be as follows:

1) He will be under 21 years of age for the entire term of office.

2) He will be an active member of Muscogee Lodge.

3) He will have attended at least two Lodge events during the preceding twelve months.

4) To be eligible for any office of the lodge you must be present at the Business Meeting of the Fall Fellowship, unless pre-approved by the current Lodge Key Three.

D. Candidates for the Lodge Offices will be certified of their eligibility by the Nominating Committee. Nominations will also be taken from the floor. The Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Key-3.

E. The election of a Lodge Officer will be voided if that officer does not attend the LLDC. He can be excused only by the Lodge Chief in conjunction with the Lodge Adviser and Staff Adviser.

F. The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) may remove any lodge officer from his position, who in their eyes, has not performed his duty. This vote shall be by a simple majority of the present and proxy or delegated votes.

G. Should an officer be removed from office, or submits to the key 3 that he is unable to complete his term, a successor will be appointed by the Lodge Chief with the approval of the LEC and will serve until the next Lodge Election can be held. Notwithstanding the aforementioned process, a new Lodge Chief will be selected by the LEC in the event that the present Lodge Chief is unable to fulfill the duties obligations of his office. This appointment will be effective until an election can be held at the next Business Meeting.

H. Each chapter will elect its officers at the Fall Fellowship. These officers will be the Chapter Chief, the Vice-Chapter Chief, and the Chapter Secretary, except for Maskek Woakus Chapter, which will have a Chapter Chief, a Chapter Secretary, and two (2) Vice-Chiefs. One Vice Chief will be selected from the historic bounds of the Wischiki Chapter and one Vice Chief will be selected from the historic bounds of the Ehalluchsit Chapter.

I. A vacancy in chapter office will be filled by a special election at the earliest chapter meeting to the vacancy.

J. As the Lodge begins to prepare to host a Dixie Fellowship, a Lodge Dixie Vice-Chief may be elected at any Lodge Business Meeting prior to the Dixie Fellowship. The LEC will choose the date of the election. The Dixie Vice-Chief will then be installed through the coordination of the current Lodge Key-3. His term will extend from the time he is elected until the LEC deems that all business regarding the Dixie Fellowship has been completed.


A. The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) will be composed of the following: All elected Lodge Officers, the immediate past Lodge Chief, official committee chairman of the Lodge, and the Chapter Chiefs (or their duly appointed representatives).

B. The LEC will conduct such business as is necessary between Lodge Business Meetings.

C. The Lodge Key-3 will choose to appoint brothers of the Lodge as committee chairmen of committees that they deem necessary.These committees will be considered official committees of the Lodge for the following Lodge year.

D. The members of the LEC will be made known to all active brothers so that recommendations may be made for their consideration.

E. The members of the Lodge committees will be appointed by the chairmen of the respective committees.

F. The Lodge Chief will serve as an ex-officio member of all committees of the Lodge.

G. All committee chairmen must be under 21 years of age.

H. The Lodge Adviser and the Lodge Chief, working very closely with the committee chairmen, will appoint adult advisers for all committees.

I. The Lodge Key-3 will use the adopted structure of the Lodge as a guide in selection proper and necessary committees of the Lodge.


A. The Executive Committee will schedule lodge events every year. During these events, a Lodge Business Meeting can be held if deemed necessary and proper by the Executive Committee.

1) The lodge events for each year will consist of, but not limited to, the following: 1 awards banquet, 3 fellowships, and 2 ordeals.

a) At each lodge fellowship Chapters will be be assigned a campsite based on a rotation schedule so no one chapter has to be the furthest from the Dinig Hall every time. The rotation will be decided by the Vice Chief of Program, and published in the Fox’s Tale, on the lodge website and on the weekend’s schedule.

B. Participation in Section, Regional, and National Order of the Arrow events will be encouraged by the Executive Committee.

C. The Lodge Chief may call a special Lodge Business Meeting.

1) Lodge Business Meetings will be held only when all active brothers of the lodge have been notified at least ten (10) days prior to such a meeting.

2) A quorum for Lodge Business Meetings will consist of one-tenth (1/10) of the active brothers under 21 years of age.

D. Chapters will schedule meetings and events as decided by the chapter officers and approved by the Lodge Key-3.

E. Each Lodge Business Meeting, Lodge Executive Committee Meeting, and chapter meeting will be opened with Obligation of the Order of the Arrow and closed with the song of the Order of the Arrow.

F. The Executive Committee will hold all of its meetings open to all brothers of the lodge.

1) The Lodge Chief may call a special meeting of the executive committee.

2) A quorum for the Executive Committee meeting will consist of one half (1/2) of the elected Executive Committee members under the age of 21.

3) If a voting member is unable to attend an Executive Committee Meeting, he may choose to grant proxy voting rights to another officer or active youth member by way of written statement of such intent and approval from the Lodge Chief and Lodge Adviser. This duly appointed proxy member counts towards the attendance for the meeting when determining a quorum, even if that person already holds a vote needed for the quorum.

G. The lodge committees will meet as often as necessary to faithfully perform their duties.

H. Only active brothers of the lodge under the age of 21 will have a vote in the decisions of the lodge.


A. Dues will be collected annually by the Lodge Treasurer in the amount of $12.00. Dues will be due at the Winter Banquet or the brother will be placed in the inactive file. A brother may be restored to active status by paying the current dues, provided the brother meets all other requirements for active membership.

B. All reimbursements must be approved by the Executive Committee. Routine operating expenses may be handled by the Key-3.

C. All Order of the Arrow funds will be handled through the normal accounting procedures of the Indian Waters Council.

D. The fiscal year will be from the induction of one administration until the induction of the next administration. The Lodge Finance Committee will prepare a tentative budget for the next lodge year and will submit it for approval at the Fall Fellowship Business Meeting. Once approved, this tentative budget will serve as the operating budget for the new administration until the Spring Fellowship Business Meeting where it is up for final consideration and may be modified if necessary. Whether or not amendments are needed, the budget must receive final approval at the Spring Fellowship Business Meeting.

E. The Lodge Treasurer will present reports of financial activity at all Business Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings.


A. The lodge newsletter the Fox’s Tale will be published at least two (2) weeks prior to the Fall Fellowship, the Winter Banquet, the Spring Fellowship, the Summer Fellowship, and any other time to a maximum of six (6) times each year.

B. The Fox’s Tale will be mailed to each dues-paid members of Muscogee Lodge by first class or bulk mail, which ever is cheaper in cost.

C. The lodge will publish a planbook each year stating its goals and objectives and all other information deemed appropriate by the Vice Chief of Communications and the Lodge Key-3. The planbook will be published and distributed before the Dixie Fellowship.


A. The Red Arrow Award of Muscogee Lodge is the highest form of recognition which can be bestowed on any nonmember. It is presented for outstanding contributions over an extended period of time.

1) Certificates of Appreciation are presented to non-members who have made outstanding contributions during the preceding year.

2) The Executive Committee will bestow Red Arrow Awards and Certificates of Appreciation as it deems appropriate

B. The Ralph E. Grier Chapter Award will be presented annually to the outstanding chapter, based on the performance as measured by the criteria for the award. The award will be scored by the Lodge Secretary, as reflected by the Chapter monthly reports which are mailed to both the Lodge Chief and Lodge Secretary by the 15th of each month.

C. The Charles K. Youngblood Service Award will be presented to the most outstanding chapter in the area of service, based upon performance as measured by the criteria for the award. The award will be scored by the Lodge Secretary, as reflected by the Chapter monthly reports which are mailed to both the Lodge Chief and Lodge Secretary by the 15th of each month.

D. The criteria for the Ralph E. Grier Chapter Award and the Charles Youngblood Chapter Service Award can only be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Committee.


A. Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised will be the final authority in all cases of parliamentary procedure in which they are not inconsistent with the Order of the Arrow Handbook or these rules.

B. The Lodge Chief may appoint a parliamentarian to help him interpret procedural questions and a Sergeant at Arms to assist in preserving order.


A. These Lodge Rules will be subject to amendment at any Lodge Business Meeting, provided that written notice of the proposed changes has been submitted to all active brothers of the lodge at least ten (10) days before such a meeting. The proposed changes will have attached, a list of reasons for the proposed changes and the author’s name. A two-thirds (2/3) favorable vote of those present and voting will be required for a change to take place.

B. Amendments will become part of the Lodge Rules, completely replacing the former wording, if any.