Event Registration is a three step process: before the event, during the event, after the event. These three steps are the same for all Lodge events (Banquet, Fellowship, Dixie, Ordeal) although Ordeal registration is slightly more involved.

OA LodgeMaster (OALM) is the sole source we use for recording who attended events. Data is entered into OALM before the event for pre-registration, data is entered during the event for onsite registration and checking, and data is entered after the event to record attendance and generate reports.

There are generally questions about the setup for registration and check-in at Lodge events (two separate and distinct locations instead of collocated). Based on YEARS of experience with registration and check-in, it is much, much easier to handle them separately than attempt to manage the chaos of them collocated! Plus, the lodge member or new Ordeal candidate that took the time to pre-registered should NOT have to wait in line behind those that chose not to pre-register.

For the sake of Muscogee Lodge's process, a few operational DEFINITIONS:

registered: you are considered registered for an event when you have BOTH 1) paid your annual dues and 2) paid for the event. We encourage pre-registration by keeping online registration open on BlackPug until the week of the event (usually). All Red Fox card holders are considered registered for all Lodge events (not including Dixie which is a separate Section event).

check-in: you cannot check-in at a Lodge event until AFTER you have registered for that event. Those who have pre-registered for an event proceed directly to check-in at the event. Those who have not pre-registered for the event must first register onsite BEFORE proceeding to check-in. Check-in at an event should be simple and efficient; rewarding those who have taken the time to pre-register (and those who have purchased a Red Fox card).

onsite registration: for events at Camp Barstow onsite registration is conducted in the camp office by the parking lot. All monies for the event (except for the Vigil breakfast held during the Fall Fellowship) are collected at onsite registration. This prevents event check-in (usually at the dining hall for events at Camp Barstow) from being clogged up by people paying dues or paying for the event.