Saturday, November 18, 2017

Spring Ordeal

Online registration is CLOSED
You can register onsite for the Spring Ordeal AND for Dixie Work Weekend II

Congratulations upon your election as a candidate for the Order of the Arrow. You can take great pride in being selected by your fellow Scouts, but realize that you are now only a candidate for membership. A greater thrill awaits you when you become a member of the Order and are decorated with the Order of the Arrow sash. This happens when you have successfully completed the Ordeal.

Your next opportunity to participate in the Ordeal will be 17-19 March 2017 at Camp Barstow. To prepare for this event you should:

  • Register to attend the Ordeal by clicking HERE. 
  • Pay the $50.00 ordeal fee online. 
  • Bring a copy of your current BSA Health and Medical Record to camp (parts A & B -- NO doctor signature required).
  • Determine how you will get to and from camp. Plan to arrive at camp on Friday evening between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. Dinner is NOT provided Friday night, so eat before you arrive or bring a bag supper.  

We want you to have an exciting yet safe experience in your Ordeal. Its tests are physically challenging. You will leave the comforts of home behind you. You will walk a lot and exert yourself physically on a restricted diet. If you have a permanent physical or medical problem or dietary restrictions which could limit your participation, please notify the Ordeal Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would like to make advance plans so that you can have the very best possible experience.

If you become ill just before the Ordeal, stay in bed. If you currently have any temporary physical or medical problem which could limit your participation, we strongly encourage you to wait until the problem passes. We will be happy to help you make alternative plans.

If you are unable to attend this Ordeal, there will be another opportunity in 3-6 August 2017 but only if it has been less than one year since your election. You will find an equipment list on the "Ordeal Candidate Letter"; please review it carefully. We look forward to your joining us in membership in the Order of the Arrow.

Download the Ordeal Candidate Letter

Download the BSA Health form HERE.

There will be a callout Friday night. All candidates who have been elected but have not yet been called-out are encouraged to attend the Summer Ordeal and SUPER Fellowship.

Chapter Campsite Assignments

Ehalluchsit - Salkehatche  
Sukeu Sipo - Congaree (small Adirondack)
Tschitanek Woakus - Congaree  
Tschitaneu Aptonagan - Saluda
Wischiki - Edisto

ALL Adirondacks are for YOUTH only!


Service Project Ideas for Ordeal / Work Weekend II

Below is the list of potential projects for the Ordeal and Work Weekend. Arrowmen attending the weekend are encouraged to bring supplies and tools appropriate for these projects.  Some projects are all day projects and some will only take a few minutes.

Project Description

Tools / Supplies / Equipment

Arrowmen In Charge

Group Projects


Finish restoring 2005 totem poles

Wood filler, paint, small brushes

Youth: William Webb

Adult: Terry Goza

Paint benches as needed at council ring

Paint and brushes


Adult:  William McCormick

Construct remaining phone charging stations & paint all



Adults: Steve Hunt / Stan Haines

Move lighting controls to new

control booth (if completed)


Finish new “wings” at council ring

Circular saw, post hole diggers, tape measurer, 2 1/2” deck screws, impact drivers, 2 ladders, wood, 1 bag of concrete for each pole (camp doesn’t have any), post level, extension cord


Adult:  William McCormick

Move rocks to ceremony ring area.

Gloves, wheelbarrows, pick up truck with bed liner

Youth:  JZ Siokos

Adult:  Mason Thomas & CJ Kittle

Kitchen & Dining Hall - clean kitchen and storage areas, de-clutter storage areas, etc.


Youth: Ryan Salter

Adult:  Rob Dabbs

Remove hazards from overflow parking area on powerline


Don Gignilliat

Cut grass / weeds at Archery Range Berm

Weed Eaters & Sling Blades


Repair / restore / paint war canoes


Dale Bailey

Clean dining hall windows inside and outside

Goo Gone from shop to get gummy residue off of outside windows in places.  May need extra window cleaner.  We are low in the dining hall suppliers room.

First pass was done by LDS Scouts.  Needs a second round of cleaning

Fix hole from waterline repair at entrance to Saluda #5


Former campsite #8, remove barrels and metal grate & move 2 picnic tables to site #7 or 9 as needed


Fix kiosk outside of camp office (leaning badly)


Remove leaf debris at Council Ring (choking out grass at stage area)


Remove 4 standing dead trees at Council Ring and 1 downed dead tree


Straighten leaning light pole on berm at Council Ring


Clear underbrush and open up area between Council Ring and Swimming area.  Remove old refrigerator if it has not been removed already.


Finish clearing underbrush, debris and vines on the right side of road between gate and tower

Loppers, bow saws


Move cafeteria table outside handicrafts to Pavilion


Clear underbrush and open up area across the road from Trading Post and the wooden swing

Loppers, bow saws


Remove dead pines (marked) beside gaga pit


Staff Area - repair outriggers.  Remove broken platforms in woods across from Cox Cabin.  Repair two boards on platform on entrance to Wachovia cabin.


Staff Area - clean up cabins and shower house


Hutto Lodge - remove any double beds and replace with twin beds or bunk beds to increase capacity


Repair muddy hole in front of Grier #2


Spread mulch under new hammock shelters


Spread mulch in entrance to each lower camp campsite


Spread mulch on trail from Congaree to Boating Area


Adult: David Lund


Spread mulch on trail from Camp Office to Dining Hall


Adult: David Lund


Spread mulch on upper camp trails


Finish spreading sand at Swimming Area beach


Individual Projects


Remove dead shrub by dining hall


Test Ice Cooler outside Trading Post with thermometer to see if it still works well enough to be used


Build temporary shelf (13 x 10, inside lip) for front right corner of Parade Field stage


Tripp Clark

Handicrafts - remove bird houses, signs, etc. that are on the shelves (put in locked storage????)


Restore 77 NOAC sign


Youth: Wade Fletcher

Tether ball, if we have one, put it out, if it needs to be replaced or new rope, note for follow up


Determine (and mark) a safe 0.5 mile loop for the Cross Country Run that starts and ends at the road by the Parade Field


There are approx 35 folding chairs at Rifle Range, bring most to Pavilion for seating


Replace nails sticking up with screws in chapel benches