The in-person Fall Fellowship HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

We are planning on Virtual Fellowship opportunity — TBA (There will NOT be a virtual event October 9-11!).

The Vigil that was to take place at the Fellowship HAS BEEN POSTPONED - TBA (most likely in the Spring).

Lodge and Chapter Officers are asked to continue to serve in their current roles until elections can be held (or until they turn 21 if that occurs first).

This decision has not been easy and has been made out of an abundance of caution and with the input of healthcare providers within the Lodge.

Our registration numbers have been very low and we feel that were we to proceed, this would be a Fellowship in name only. The risk of spreading infection is not worth the reward of being able to claim we held an in-person event. As Leaders within the Council, we must set the example by doing the right thing.

We will provide guidance and suggestions to those Arrowmen who still want to support preparations for the Camp Barstow Open House on Sunday afternoon, 11 October 2020. We hope to arrange a "Day of Service" on Saturday, October 10.

Muscogee Lodge will have its Fall Fellowship on 9-11 October at Camp Barstow. The Fall Fellowship begins Friday night with Chapter Meetings and an opening campfire, where we will recognize the Vigil Honor Candidates and enjoy some chapter skits. Please make sure that your chapter has a skit prepared. The theme for the weekend will be TBD. 

The Fall Fellowship continues the Chapter Award completion for Spirit, Quest, and Chapter of the Fellowship.

The theme for the Fall Fellowship is TBD! We have a few special training sessions planned for Saturday Morning as well as our Quest Events Saturday Afternoon. Along with that we will be having multiple chapter chief competitions as well as individual competitions! Saturday's Business Meeting is important to attend as well, for we will be deciding on the 2021 Lodge and Chapter Officers. 

When to come?
Check in Friday evening for the Fall Fellowship between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm

What to bring?
Bring a tent of hammock (NO Adirondacks will be used, including the hammock stands) and sleeping pad; Scout uniform as well as work clothes and gloves. 

When does it wrap up?
After breakfast and chapel service on Sunday (around 11:00 a.m.).

The fee for the fellowship is $30. Help us properly plan and buy enough food by registering no later than Monday, 5 October. Thanks for your help in this matter. For more details contact your Chapter Chief or the Vice Chief of Program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • all meals will be served in individual containers 
  • kitchen will close Saturday after dinner, Sunday breakfast will be a "Grab and Go" bag.
  • all attendees will be assigned to a group of 10 or less. No co-mingling of groups.
  • all attendees will have their temperature checked in the parking lot BEFORE entering camp. 
  • BSA medical form AND COVID-19 Informed Consent required  


  • Brotherhood is the second level of membership in the Order of the Arrow, and is conferred upon members who can demonstrate a knowledge of the OA’s traditions, practices, and symbolism and have been in the OA for a minimum of SIX months. (Any ordeal preceding the 2019 Summer Ordeal). 
  • To become a Brotherhood member, one must pass a Brotherhood Board, consisting of 3 Arrowmen who will test your knowledge of the OA. Upon passing the board, the Brother passes through a  Brotherhood Ceremony.
  • This weekend, current Ordeal members will have the opportunity to obtain Brotherhood Membership. Brotherhood Membership is Highly Encouraged. Interested Brothers should attend the Orientation Friday and the Training Session Saturday to ensure they are prepared to pass their board.

Peter Stone - VC Program