2017 Dixie Work Weekend

This is NOT a fellowship, but it is an opportunity for “Cheerful Service” to Camp Barstow – to make YOUR camp ready for the SR5 Dixie Fellowship and for summer camp.

When?  February 17 - 19.  You can check in Friday evening between 6 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. or Saturday morning between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

Click HERE for a draft agenda for the weekend.

What to bring? Tent or hammock and other camping gear that you would bring to a fellowship. Work clothes and gloves. Adults are encouraged to bring tools and equipment such as drills, saws, etc. A full list of planned projects and tool needs is below (SCROLL DOWN).

When does it wrap up? Formal service projects will end Saturday evening at sundown. Arrowmen are encouraged to stay for a patch auction and movie and remain until Sunday morning for dismissal after breakfast and chapel service (around 10 a.m.).

Is there a cost? Yes, there is a small fee of only $10 to cover the expenses for food and a patch (picture above). All meals on Saturday and Sunday breakfast will be provided. Arrowmen who give a full day of service on Saturday will also earn the opportunity to purchase ONE “2017 Dixie Service Lodge” Muscogee lodge flap! (pictured below)

Program Note . . . on Saturday evening of the Work Weekend we will have "round 2" of the patch auction from the Winter Banquet, featuring many items from a donated collection not seen in Muscogee auctions for over a decade!  All funds raised at this auction will go to camp improvements in preparation for Dixie and summer camp.  SCROLL DOWN to view a preview of Auction Items . . . 

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Note to all of you "thread heads" that this is a 3 patch event!

1 - Work Weekend Patch (Included in fee, extras $3)

2 - Muscogee Service Lodge Flap ($3, limit 1)

3 - Earn the right to purchase a Dixie Staff Patch ($4, limit 1)


Planned Service Projects

Final service projects are subject to weather and other factors, but here is a list of projects that we hope to complete or make major progress on during the weekend.  If you are coming out to help and have special skills related to these projects, please let us know.  Also, if you have tools or supplies related to the projects, please bring them.  Do note that certain tools and equipment, especially power tools, can only be used by adults and are subject to camp safety rules and the "Guide to Safe Scouting."

Restore 2005 Totem Poles
Totem poles from the 2005 Dixie Fellowship have been lowered.  Rotten wood has been removed and wood-filler applied.  Need to repaint and seal to prepare for raising the poles back up.  Need small brushes and paint.  Contacts:  William Webb and Terry Goza.

Repair, Replace, and Paint Benches as needed at the Council Ring
Many of the benches at the Council Ring are in bad shape (bowing, buckling, splintering).  Plans are to remove and replace as needed and to paint the new benches, and likely clean and put a new coat of paint on all benches.  Need lumber, pry bars, circular saws, tape measure, impact drivers, 3" deck screws, paint and brushes.  Contact:  William McCormick

Remove and replace stage "wings" at the Council Ring
The "wings" at the Council Ring were constructed as temporary for the 2005 Dixie, and never envisioned to be there this long.  They are in poor condition now,  We will remove them and replace.  Need circular saw, post hole diggers, tape measure, 2.5" deck screws, impact drivers, ladders, lumber, concrete, post level, extension cord.  Contact:  William McCormick

Replace one purlin in Adirondack in Site 7
A tree fell and broke this.  Need 2 tall ladders, circular saw, nails and screws, driver for screws, jack pole.  Contact:  Bill Eisele

Build a hammock camping shelter
Post hole digger, circular saw, hammer, tape measure, 2 ladders, general construction tools.  Contact:  Bill Eisele

Finish the Adirondack in Site 3
Partially constructed, to be completed.  Need circular saw, 2 tall ladders, extension ladder, impact driver for screws, nail gun, air compressor, tape measure, general construction tools.  Contact:  Bill Eisele

Clear Campsite Perimeters
For all campsites, we need to clear the perimeter areas of ground clutter and low branches to better allow tents and hammocks to be used beyond the normal campsite borders.  Need string trimmers (weed eaters), loppers, bow saws, shovels.

Clear area across from basketball and climbing
We will use this area for Dixie Expo and will have multiple 10 x 10 pop up tents set up in this area.  Need to clear ground clutter and low branches in this area to better accommodate.  Need string trimmers (weed eaters), loppers, bow saws, shovels.  Contacts:  Jacob Johnson and Scott Browy

Construct phone charging stations
We will be constructing a few phone charging stations to be placed strategically around camp at gathering locations. These will consist of a base and a pole with multiple power strips and a shelf.  Need lumber, power strips, buckets, concrete, circular saw, drill/driver, screws, tape measure.  Contacts:  Steve Hunt & Stan Haines

Set up and take down large tents as available
We have or will be borrowing several large tents and canopies during Dixie.  Those that we have available on Work Weekend will be set up, inventory and inspect parts and check for damages, label parts as needed, and take back down for storage until Dixie.  Follow-up with any necessary replacement parts or repairs.  Contacts:  Thomas Johnson & George Faller.

Install Electricity and Lighting at Activity Field Shelter
This is expected to be completed on February 8.  If not complete, and proper skilled people are available, we may finish up during Work Weekend.  Contacts:  Bill Eisele, Dave Cartledge, Art Seel

Dixie Signage Repair
We have several signs from previous Dixie's stored at camp.  Locate signs, clear and repair as appropriate for display in the Pavilion or elsewhere during Dixie 2017. Need cleaning supplies and possibly paints and brushes. Contacts:  Wade Fletcher & Stanley Haines

Kitchen & Dining Hall
Deep clean kitchen and storage areas, de-clutter storage areas, etc.  Contacts:  Ryan Salter & Robert Dabbs

Renovations to Ceremony Ring
Significant renovations to the ceremony ring with the guidance from a contractor.  Contacts:  Brad Hutto & Mason Thomas

Dance Arbor
Check dance arbor area and restore surface as necessary and able.  Contacts:  Caleb Barnes & Bryan Barnes

Camp Walking Trails
Check all camp walking trails for needed repairs and mulch.  Repair as able or notate for follow up.  Contact:  George Faller

Campsite Inventory
Inventory all campsite resources for notification to lodges.  Contact:  Tripp Clark


Patch Auction!

On Saturday evening of the Work Weekend we will have "round 2" of the patch auction from the Winter Banquet, featuring many items from a donated collection not seen in Muscogee auctions for over a decade!  All funds raised at this auction will go to camp improvements in preparation for Dixie and summer camp.  Here are preview images of some of the items donated for this auction . . .

Lodge Chief